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Miron Lior is a New York-based designer with a prestigious roster of clients including Umbra, Crate & Barrel,, and Stylefactory. He is also the founder of the FAKTURA brand. 
Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Miron lived and studied in Israel and the USA, and graduated from PRATT Institute. The expressive minimalism that lies at the heart of his practice is a principle that guides and informs each new piece of work. 

In Lior's work, the lexicon of minimalism is elegantly remodeled into his own unique style. His adaptive working process is intelligent and playful, allowing for a unique and custom driven relationship between designer and client. 

One such example was a successful collaboration with his client Umbra in 2006, culminating in the realization of the ‘Conceal Shelf’ concept. This innovative product was based around the theme of an invisible design object and went on to sell over a million pieces worldwide after its debut at the ICFF.  
Miron also finds a signature materiality in bamboo, glass, Corian and powder-coated steel. The use of angular monochrome frames, designed to create captivating optical effects, is another unique aspect that distinguishes FAKTURA's style, furniture design and fabrication company he launched in 2010.  

To contact Miron Lior about freelance design opportunities, collaborations, press inquiries or simply to say hello use the contact form or email to: 

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